Do Natural Breast Enhancement Methods Really Work?

Below are some of my favorite breast enhancement methods that you may want to try to increase the size of your breasts

When women talk about breast enlargement, it means different things to different women, some women will decide to go all out and have breast augmentation surgery.

Some women just want to improve the look of their breasts, making them slightly bigger and fuller, older women are looking for something that will reduce wrinkles and sagging.

Whatever the reason, there is nothing more rewarding that natural breast enhancement.

Woman measuring breasts with tape measure

Surgery is not as rewarding as natural breast enhancement methods

While surgery may seem like the perfect way to increase breast size, I actually considered it at one point in time and decided against it, I personally felt it would be a lazy way of doing things, just like losing weight.

I like to workout and the long-term benefits of exercise outweigh going out and having liposuction to remove fat, but this is a choice every woman has to make for themselves.

Natural breast enhancement methods do work, but it takes time

There are thousands of women who have reaped the rewards of natural breast enhancement, which is why these products are sold. If they did not work no one would buy them.

Many respected brands are still sold and are very effective.

There are so many ways to increase the size of your breasts, some methods are more effective than others. Below I will explain the different methods available.

Breast Creams

Breast creams are probably the most popular way for women to increase the size of their breasts, they are easy to purchase online and offer very good results.

Not all breast creams are created equal, in fact, different ingredients offer different results, products containing Pueraria Mirifica seem to have a better effect at increasing breast size than products containing Vollufiline, .

What to look for in a breast cream

There are certain things I try to look for when choosing a breast cream and my first criteria is that it be paraben free, there enough cosmetics that we use from day to day that contain parabens, so the last thing we need to do is add more, there are several bust creams that are paraben free that work well at increasing breast size.

Breast pumps (Vacuum therapy)

This is probably one of the best methods to increase breast size, most women who are serious about increasing their bust size naturally will eventually implement more than one method, using a breast enlargement pump can have a significant impact on breast growth, using a breast enlargement pump with a breast cream is even better.

Noogleberry vacuum pump

Vacuum therapy works by increasing blood flow to the breasts, what this does is increase fat cell production making the breasts fuller and firmer, in fact, some women have increased their bust size up anywhere between 1-4 cup sizes and yes the results are permanent.

By far, the Noogleberry is one of the most effective ways for women to increase the size of their breasts.

Breast cancer concerns with natural breast enhancement

There have been no scientific studies showing that breast enhancement creams cause cancer. If you find a good one that has relatively few chemicals it should be perfectly safe.

As far as using a breast pump I personally believe it can have a direct effect on reducing toxins within the fatty tissue within the breasts, which can actually be a good thing.

Many believe that breast cancer develops in the breasts because of using a bra all day which constricts tissue and milk ducts within the breasts.

Constantly stimulating your breast with vacuum therapy and a breast cream may actually keep your breasts healthy. If you do have concerns you may want to check with your doctor first.

So, do Natural Breast Enhancement Methods Really Work?

Natural breast enlargement methods do work, its just a matter of finding one that you feel is right for you.

If you are simply looking for a natural way to firm up your breasts and make them a little bigger, a breast cream is perfect.

If you want bigger gains a vacuum pump is ideal for increased size, all you need is some consistency and patience but in the end you will reap the rewards of fuller much firmer breasts, the best thing of all is that it will be natural.


My name is Melissa

I am the owner of this blog I am someone who did not manage to develop very big breasts during puberty.

After finishing college I thought about having breast surgery but decided against it. I wanted to find natural ways to make my breasts bigger.

I began experimenting around with different methods to increase the size of my breasts.

I want to share with other women some of the products I used to help increase the size of my breasts in hopes it can help other women, which is why I started this blog.

I hope you enjoy.